Green Solutions sent out notices to their customers that beginning the first of February they would no longer collect or transport glass to the Solid Waste District.  This was due to the work hazards of handling glass:  cuts, abrasions, and back strains (glass when collected is HEAVY).  That notice was translated by a few individuals that glass was no longer accepted by the solid wast district and that it was all going to the landfill for burial.  Glass is still collected at the community recycling center.  The colors are being separated as we have on individual that has had a long term art project on his property and needed different colors.  His project is winding down and we are looking to no longer need to have glass separation, unless we are requested by another waste diversion project.  We are looking to obtaining a larger dumping trailer that the glass can be placed in without regard to color.  We will then transport full trailer loads to the Moab Landfill location to use either in the sub base for compost pad liner expansion OR mix with the limited soil on site to use for intermediate cover on the debris received for disposal.  Some folks would say this is not recycling.  I agree.  However, it is putting another use to the glass, sometimes referred to as re-purpose or re-use which has a higher preference level to recycling, based on US EPA guidance.  By adding to the soil on site, we are reducing the need to find alternative cover materials (soils) which is passed on reduced fees needed for operations at the Moab Class IVb landfill.   To participate in diverting glass into another use, individuals will need to bring their material to the recycling center which is open Monday-Saturday, from 8 am to 5 pm.  We close on holidays plus Jeep Safari Sunday.