Klondike Landfill

Location: North of Canyonlands Field Airport, West of Hwy 191

March-October: 7 am to 1 pm
November-February: 8 am to 1 pm
Closed: Weekends & Holidays

The Klondike Landfill is located on 80 acres approximately five miles north of the Canyonlands Field Airport, west of Highway 191.  Planning and construction of the facility began in 1997.  Although the material brought to the landfill is household trash, the facility is closed to public and can only be accessed by franchised haulers.

Special types of municipal waste such as restaurant grease, wastewater treatment plant biosolids, and petroleum contaminated soils are brought by franchised haulers to the site for proper disposal.  

Other materials that can be accepted include other types of nonhazardous contaminated soils, dead animals, spoiled foods, non-friable asbestos containing material (must be accompanied by a manifest) and treated medical waste (non-biohazard).  Refrigerators and other white goods are collected by Monument Waste where Freon is properly removed before sending the materials for recycling.  

Contaminated soils, non-friable asbestos materials, and special wastes require approval from the District office PRIOR to bringing the material to the landfill. Approval will be dependent on the results of laboratory testing, safety data sheets, and/or other information as required for the material type.  To request an approval to bring material, generators must complete and submit a special waste profile request with supporting documentation.  Go to the Special Wastes Page for more information.  

Although the landfill is not open to the public, tours of the facility can be arranged with the District office.  For more information, contact the District Manager at (435) 259-3867.  

In 2017, the landfill received 12,120 tons of municipal waste, 79,368 gallons of restaurant grease , 2,501 cubic yards of biosolids, and only 247 cubic yards of contaminated soils.