Management Plans: Our Mission

​Our mission is to manage solid waste throughout our service area to protect public safety, environmental health, and the welfare of our employees by using best management practices and collaborating with other stakeholders to move towards Zero Waste.

From the initial resolution establishing the District, we have grown to include two landfills, managing the community recycle center, and beginning a new phase in the pilot project for compost on top of the old Moab landfill.  Today, under the management of the Administrative Control Board and the District Manager, Deborah Barton, the Solid Waste Special Service District has expanded to include two landfills and the recycling center.  In 2008, a waste stream study was conducted and a five year plan was created in 2010 to define the District’s mission and outline the procedures and goals to fulfill that mission.

The district began reviewing and updating that management plan with a goal of completing a new five to ten year management plan by the June 2017.  A public meeting was held on December 1, 2016 to gather citizen input for the district.  Various small meetings have been held with interested parties to further refine the district’s goals.  Participation in a regional biodiversity master’s program in early 2017 provided some additional input to consider for the future.

The 2010 mission statement states that Our mission is to manage waste in Grand County to ensure public health, safety, and welfare in a manner that promotes Zero waste.

The five goals from the 2010 plan are:

  1. Comply with State and Federal laws and regulations
  2. Ensure efficient landfill operations to maximize landfill life.
  3. Encourage the saving of resources by increasing the materials diverted from the waste stream.
  4. Educate all sectors in the community about the philosophy of reduce, reuse, recycle.
  5. Ensure long-term stability and solvency of the District.

The new management plan will be looking at the following functions to develop tasks and goals.


  • Klondike Class I
  • Moab Class IVb
  • Waste Diversion (formerly Recycling)
  • Reduction
  • Repurpose/Reuse
  • Compost
  • Recycling
  • Infrastructure Support (e.g. maintenance support)
  • Administrative

In addition, the management plan will incorporate a new mission statement, a vision statement and a commitment to educate on Refuse, Reduce, Reuse/Repurpose and then Recycle.

The plan will be addressing value added, economics and carbon/green house impacts on various aspects of the district’s operations.​

2008 Waste Stream Study (PDF)

2010 Solid Waste District’s 5-year plan (PDF)

Drafts for Updating Management Plan

The District has been working to update the management plan.   Because the operations include four distinct functions plus the administrative overhead, the management plan will be in separate sections addressing each function.  An executive summary will be used to merge the four distinct operations together.  A copy of the work to date is provided below for each section.  As these are works in progress and in draft form, comments and remarks are appreciated.  Please send any such to or call the office to talk to the District Manager at 435-259-3867.  Citizen participation is encouraged.

KLONDIKE LANDFILL DOCUMENTS The following are draft documents.


MOAB LANDFILL DOCUMENTS The following are draft documents


COMPOST DOCUMENTS The following are draft documents.


RECYCLE CENTER DOCUMENTATION The following are draft documents.