Canyonlands Solid Waste Authority

In 1993, the Grand County Council created the Solid Waste Special Service District #1 (District) for the purposes of constructing, maintaining, and operating a sanitary landfill facility for the disposal of solid waste generated by residents and businesses in Grand County, Utah; to operate a recycling program in Grand County, Utah; and otherwise manage solid waste; and to finance the construction, maintenance, and operation of such facilities and programs through charges for solid waste disposal and the levy of taxes on property in Grand County, Utah.

In May 2021, the District acquired the Canyonlands Transfer Station and began providing solid waste collection and hauling services. Today, the District provides comprehensive, turn-key solid waste management services, including managing the operations of the Moab Class IVb Landfill, the Klondike Class I Landfill, the Community Recycle Center, and the Moab Transfer Station.

​”Our mission is to manage waste in Grand County to ensure public health, safety, and welfare
in a manner that promotes zero waste!”